Noooooooo the release date for Mr Kiss and Tell was pushed back 3 months

This is the worst thing ever


i’m actually a really nice person… until you annoy me



gentle reminder that cleopatra’s beauty is rumored to have started wars in ancient history

gentle reminder that people are evolving to be more and more attractive

gentle reminder that your beauty probably would have started at least 2 wars by now if you lived in 30 BC

wat a gently delivered compliment thank u

…to any teenage boys out there who might be reluctant to read about girls or books written by women: What are you afraid of? The worst thing that could happen is you’ll discover that girls are people too, and not necessarily all that different from you. The best thing you’ll learn is how you can act like a decent person, so girls might not mind talking to you. They might even say yes when you ask them out. They might ask you out, and you should be cool with that. Another boy might ask you out, and that could be cool too. Maybe you want to say yes. Look, there are no “boy books” or “girl books,” there are only good books and bad books. Seriously, go read some Judy Blume. You’ll thank me later.
― E.C. Myers from Confessions of a Male YA Author (and author of the smart sci-fi Fair Coin)
Part of the art of making change happen is seeing which cultural tropes are past their prime and having the guts to invent new ones.
Seth Godin on the clichés of visual communication, which succumb to the same cultural pitfalls as language clichés. (via explore-blog)